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Green Purchasing Resolution

Terry Moore, of Carbon Shrinks, plans to go along next Tuesday to speak in support of a Green Purchasing Resolution (see below)

Aiden Cohen in corporate purchasing will be part of a “presentation from the purchasing department on the Climate Protection Plan and Green/Sustainable Purchasing Policy Resolution”

Council members Martinez, Shade and Cole will be there, and if they vote in favor in this sub-committee, the resolution will go onto the agenda of a full council meeting for August 6.

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Business Review of TerraBurger

My family’s summer just got better. This week TerraBurger opened its second location in northwest Austin at 10611 Research Blvd, right by Costco. Now we have a healthy option for a quick meal at a family-friendly restaurant – what a treat!

When we saw TerraBurger’s sign go up several months ago, we were curious but frankly more than a little skeptical. Lots of businesses have jumped on the green bandwagon for marketing and little else. We wondered how green Terra Burger’s operations would really be. We checked them out online and were impressed with what we saw.

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Eco-Change Exchange Reflections and Results

Beloved Community:

On June 25, 2009, over 40 Austin Environmental groups hosted an Eco-Change Exchange community forum to welcome our new Mayor and City Council members. During the opening reception participants enjoyed delicious, local, organic food provided by Barr Mansion as they milled among the closely packed table displays by environmental groups. Later council chambers buzzed with conversation about how to make Austin a leader among sustainable cities. The evening ended with a reading of a “Letter from the Future” written by the mayor of Austin in 2109. The letter thanked the visionary and dedicated participants of the Eco-Change Exchange for setting in motion changes that led to a beautiful, sustainable reality for people in 2109.

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Office Space Available

As part of its energy conservation and sustainability efforts, Special Events Management (producer of the Pecan Street Festivals and other large events in Austin and Houston) is interested in sharing their offices located in the heart of Sixth Street with an environmental business. Price is negotiable for 2 areas (6×10 and 12×12). As SEM manages and creates large events using eco-friendly production, it also envisions collaborating permanently with a green business as several newer projects are in sight for the near future. Please, email Luigi at for a visit.

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Letter from the Future – Presented to the Eco-Change Exchange June 25, 2009


Note: Just this morning we received this email dated June 25, 2109 signed by the Mayor of Austin. Austin is the premier sustainable American city! This email from the future is in appreciation for all the work you do for the people of today and tomorrow.

Dear Citizens of 2009,

Today we held a celebration in your honor. We call you our Sustainers, our elders, who began the revolution of thought and actions that make our life here in 2109 possible. We thank you for having the vision that brought sustainability, peace and justice to our world.

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40+ Environmental Groups Invite City Leaders & Public for an
Thursday, June 25, 2009
5:30-9pm at City Hall

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Center for Corporate Sustainability Summit

The Center for Corporate Sustainability Summit will be held in Austin
next week, May 28 & 29

Living in Austin you have a whole range of options for participating
from participating in person at the Hilton Austin to watching it
online, or attending as little as one Luncheon/Town Hall/Media Forum. (the items in bold are those most
likely to apply to you)

Premiere Summit On-Site Attendee ($995.00)

Premiere Summit On-Site Attendee w/ Carbon Emissions Reduction

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Our City, Our Lakefront and Our Views, here today, gone tomorrow?

From: “Jeff Jack”

Friends of

City Council to decide the fate of the shores of Lady Bird Lake this
coming Thursday, May 21, 2009

Each day when we travel around our great city, we know it is unique,
it is NOT anywhere USA. We can feel that it is apart of Texas and Not
any other state. But what gives us this sense of place? To many of us
it is the scenic expanse we unconsciously understand, the beauty of a
sky reaching to the horizon along the tree line that gives us a

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2009 City of Austin Municipal Elections are tomorrow, 7am-7pm Saturday May 9.
Your vote matters! Austin voters will be electing 5 of 7 city council members, including its next mayor.
If everyone on this list votes we will have a major say in who is elected.

I’ve compiled some info sites and the endorsements of enviro groups that endorse, for your review, should you still be making your choice.
Travis County Election info (including voting locations)

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