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Sierra Club Happenings!

Hi everyone, I’m Brittany Dawn McAllister, and I’ve recently signed on to do Student Outreach with the Lonestar Chapter of the Sierra Club.

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Green Purchasing – Part Two – What are Eco-Labels?


What are Eco-labels?

Eco-labels are those colorful stamps that you see on the exterior of all types of products today. Eco-labels proclaim things like Rainforest Certified, Dolphin Safe, 100% Natural, and Earth Friendly. They are meant to give us comfort and are designed to appeal to our ecological or socially responsible sensibilities. Eco-labels have now replaced the “100% Guaranteed” labels that our parents and grandparents came to expect on the outside of consumer product packaging.

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Mayor’s Community Cabinet features Austin EcoNetwork founder

Austin EcoNetwork subscribers and partners just gained a formal voice at the table with the inclusion of our very own Chief Inspiration Officer Brandi Clark being invited to serve on City of Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell’s Community Cabinet.

Yesterday’s Statesman’s blog ( and today’s print edition featured the announcement of this Cabinet. The blog cites Mark Nathan, Leffingwell’s chief of staff, as saying that the mayor will want to know what issues and projects the group members are working on.

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Annie Get Your Green…

Anything you can do I can do greener. I can do anything greener than you. No you can’t. Yes I can. No you can’t. Yes I can…. My apologies to Irving Berlin, but these days it seems almost everyone I know wants to live greener than ever. Its become local cachet… to the tune of: I only drive three days a week. Well I gave up driving and ride the bus. I quit driving my car and I bought a bike. I got my bike out of the bulk trash and rebuilt it. I walk everywhere… and I bought my shoes second-hand… It can become almost silly, but it is a positive point of pride. This is a good thing as long as we remember that simply tearing out all the old "non-green" materials from our living places and dumping the mess in the landfill to make room in our homes for the new "greener than thou" materials isn’t always the true "green way".

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Intern with Austin EcoNetwork!

About Us:
The Austin EcoNetwork was started in 2003 by Brandi Clark, twice voted Best Environmentalist in the Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin awards and recipient of the Austin Business Journal’s Going Green 2009 Green Advocate Award. Clark founded the listserv after meeting with other Austin environmental leaders and determining that better digital communication and more social interaction were top priorities to amplify the effectiveness of the green community. In the last 6 years the Austin EcoNetwork has evolved from a
listserv with less than 100 subscribers to an interactive and evolving website with 1000s of subscribers and dozens of contributing community members. Today the Austin EcoNetwork is a trusted source of information and the home of Austin’s EcoCommunity.

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Recap of Austin EcoNetwork Leadership Council

Many people have asked for an update from the Austin EcoNetwork community building event we had last Saturday. Over 45 people showed up to give valuable input at our Leadership Council meeting, and many, many more expressed interest in being involved in future leadership events.

It was truly an inspiration to see all of the support from the community.  We are excited to grow these ideas into action, and we look forward to providing even more services to the community.

For those who attended as well as those who did not, please fill out this survey so we can grow the network most effectively:

The following is a summary of what we learned and a few key things that we can each do to grow the network.

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