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Make Back to School Green

With the beginning of school just around the corner, families are ensuring that their kids have the needed school supplies. Here are a few tips to make that process more eco- and wallet-friendly.

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Leadership Council: Shaping Austin’s EcoMovement


Austin EcoNetwork has been around for over six years but we have only recently become a website. In case you aren’t familiar, here’s a very short history:

In 2003 I wrote a letter inviting dozens of environmental community leaders to a meeting to explore what we could do to collectively be more successful as sustainability advocates by communicating, cooperating, and collaborating more.

Approximately 45 of Austin’s leading nonprofit, government, business, and community leaders participated in that initial meeting held at Casa de Luz.

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TCEQ Accepting Nominations For Texas Environmental Excellence Awards

TCEQ Accepting Nominations For Texas Environmental Excellence Awards
Entry Deadline is October 16

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2010 Texas Environmental Excellence Awards – the state’s highest environmental honor.

The annual awards, which recognize achievements that significantly reduce waste, conserve natural resources, and prevent pollution, are presented by the governor’s office and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. A governor’s blue ribbon committee identifies outstanding contributions in 11 diverse categories. The public may nominate an individual, community, company, or organization for an award.

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ACTION necessary! August 6th Public Hearing at City Council

Dear Eco-Change Exchange Supporter, SPEAK UP THIS THURSDAY for ECO-CHANGE! AUGUST 6th at 5:30 PM at City Hall Teach-In, Budget Briefing, and Public Hearing

Why You Should Come: 1. Our “ROAD MAP FOR CHANGE” will be delivered to the City Council. It is based on our work at the Eco-Change Exchange Event and additional analysis of city policy and budget. The more people there on THIS THURSDAY, August 6th, the more seriously our City Council Members will take our priorities. The Road Map for Change spells out exactly what we want our elected officials to do! Be a part of it! 2. You Can Speak at the First PUBLIC BUDGET HEARINGS beginning at 6:00 PM.

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Help Austin EcoNetwork find its new home in Austin

Austin EcoNetwork is on the move again. Do you have space and want us to be with you? We have loved having our HQ in the back house of the owners of, but they need to use the space for their new business so it’s time for us to transition to a new location.

Who knows if we can find another multi-roomed office in a building that’s green, with kitchen, bathroom w/ shower, private entrance, homey meeting space, and great location (SoCo), but we are open to the possibility! We will consider all offers, especially those that involve bartering office space for exposure on the Austin EcoNetwork.


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Turn “I’m Bored” into “I Made it Myself!”

It finally happened. My kids, who typically are full of ideas, uttered the words that can spark dread in the heart of any busy parent. "I’m bored. What can we do?"

We thought we had planned well for this summer. We had a list! And a calendar! But then plans changed, as they tend to do, and the heat blasted day after day, which changed more plans, and we found ourselves with more time to fill than interesting projects with which to fill it. Add to that two parents with heads full of deadlines and work obligations (rather than fun ideas) and it was clear we needed some help.

Thankfully, I found the Future Craft Collective.

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Calling all Chicas

There’s a tradition in Austin that connects green minded women, creates a space for discussion of environmental issues, and highlights the work of EcoLeaders in our community. Chicas Verdes has been meeting the first Tuesday of the month for over a decade. Attendees report connections that have led to jobs and internships, built new friendships, and created a space to share and learn with a broad community of women.

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Boost Your Business by Going Green contest


Texas Conference for Women’s Boost Your Business by Going Green Contest

HOUSTON — The Texas Conference for Women (TCW), the state’s premier leadership and education forum for women, hosted by Gov. Rick Perry and First Lady Anita Perry, has extended its’ deadline for entries for its Boost Your Business by Going Green contest.

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Boost Your Child’s Reading Scores, the Planet’s Health, and Your Savings (Yes, Really!)

Summertime as a parent is filled with the smell of sunscreen and sweaty children, the wiping off of sticky fingers (watermelon? lemonade? worms?), your (many) reminders to shut the door, and warning after warning about the loss that can occur in children’s reading skills over the summer break.

You can make sure your child’s reading skills stay sharp by ensuring that there are lots of interesting and age appropriate reading material in your home for your child to explore with and without you. Checking out materials from the library is always an option but (1) some days are simply too hot to strap a child in a car seat, (2) sometimes life is too hectic to track library books home and back to the library again before a fine is incurred, and (3) have I mentioned that it is hot?

Luckily Austin now has a very inexpensive and very green option for collecting reading materials for your child. It is Recycled Reads, the bookstore hosted by the Austin Public Library.

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