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Do you live in north/east Austin? There's an election happening right now in your Council district! Learn everything you need to know to cast an informed vote in the District 4 special election. We make learning about elections fun and easy!


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Resilience Roundtable: Climate Planning In Austin

Join Planet Texas 2050 for a panel discussion on how Austin’s Climate Equity Plan came together. 

“If we really want to make sure that people have housing that’s accessible, affordable, and is not going to displace the other people as well, we need to make sure we start with the residents. Always center the residents in the process.” 

– Monica Guzmán, a candidate in the City Council District 4 special election, on a recent episode of The Austin Common Radio Hour

Did you know? There’s an election going on right now in Austin. Here’s what you need to know… 

Early voting lasts from Jan. 10th - Jan. 21st. Election Day is Jan. 25th.

This is a special election to fill the District 4 Council seat. Greg Casar (who currently serves that district), is leaving his seat early to run for Congress.

There are 7 candidates running.

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There’s an election happening right now in Austin… don’t forget to vote!