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Solar Austin Happy Hour: Featuring TreeFolks, The Local Solution To Climate Change

Learn about the ways TreeFolks (a local nonprofit organization) is fighting climate change & turning the tide on deforestation in Texas.

Right now we are spending so much money on police and we’re getting, not so little in return, but the return associated with an increase in police is so low, or so hard to demonstrate, that it doesn’t make any sense to spend any more.”

– Bill Spelman, UT professor & former Austin City Council member in our latest podcast episode, “Let’s Look At The Numbers: Crime Data & Public Safety.”

The 87th session of the Texas Legislature has begun. Here’s what you need to know. 

The legislative session only has 140 days.

During this session, the Legislature will be responsible for redrawing our state's political districts.

COVID-19 has changed a lot of the ways that the public will be able to interact with the Legislature, but there are still ways to get involved.

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Support Austin’s unhoused residents during this winter storm by donating to the Community Resilience Trust.