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Introducing the people who make all of this happen!

Amy Stansbury - Editor-in-chief

Amy Stansbury - Doodle

Amy Stansbury is a local journalist with a passion for sustainability and increasing civic engagement. She is the Editor-In-Chief of The Austin Common as well as a cohost of Shades of Green, a live environmental talk radio show broadcasting out of KOOP 91.7 FM.

In 2018, Amy co-authored “A Beginner’s Guide To Local Government,” an activity book that teaches millennials in Austin how to get involved in local government and make a difference in their community. Today she is the Co-Founder of A Functional Democracy, an organization with the same mission as the book – to inspire and educate millennials to become civic leaders in their local community.

In keeping with her deep commitment to community, she also serves on the boards of Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center and Generation Citizen. In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing, backpacking, and playing skeeball.


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Brandi Clark Burton - Owner + Founder

Brandi Clark Burton - Doodle

Brandi is an award-winning environmental leader, serial social entrepreneur and inspiring public speaker who started the Austin EcoNetwork as a simple listserv back in 2003. She gradually built and evolved it into a thriving community website, newsletter and social media platforms. Her passion is connecting people, information and resources to promote healthier people, communities, businesses, and the planet. She served as a Senior Policy Advisor to Austin Mayor Steve Adler for his first 2 years in office and is now working to get people into action on climate.  Read more about Brandi on her EcoNetworking site.

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Sylvia Asuncion-Crabb - Visual Designer


Sylvia Asuncion-Crabb is a student at the University of Texas, an Outdoor Activity Specialist at the Austin Nature & Science Center, and The Austin Common’s Visual Designer. She is a talented artist who is always thinking up new ways to make local news and information more fun, relevant, and easy-to-read. 

Kourtney Tams - Former Visual Designer

Kourtney Tams - Doodle

Kourtney is a writer and photographer with a passion for sustainability and conservation. 


Kourtney joined the Austin EcoNetwork in the midst of its transition to The Austin Common and contributed significantly to the original design of The Austin Common. She has since left The Austin Common to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, but we’re so grateful for her early contributions to the organization!