Business Review: The Common Thread

In preparation for my first sewing class, I visited the newly opened independent fabric store The Common Thread just over a week ago. What a treat!

As I mentioned when I listed my goal of learning how to sew this year, I haven’t done any real sewing since I took a home ec class in junior high. That was a few years ago (ahem!) so I felt a little nervous preparing for my sewing class. What fabrics would be best for the various projects? I checked out organic fabric online but for my first projects, I wanted to feel the fabrics. The selection of organic fabric at the chain store in my area was nonexistent so I had to find another option.

Then I heard about The Common Thread, a new locally-owned fabric store. I walked in not knowing what to expect. Is it me or do some smaller stores seem to specialize in making non-experts feel like idiots? Thankfully that was not the case here. When I explained that I was clueless about sewing and fabric options, the owner walked me through the available fabric in the store, explaining the pros and cons of the different types for my upcoming projects. The information was delivered in a very helpful manner and my many (many) questions were answered clearly,fully, and without a hint of condescension.

The fabrics there are beautiful! I can already understand how people get hooked on sewing. Seeing the beautiful colors and patterns got me thinking about all kinds of things I can make. Next time I’ll take my daughters so we can ooh and ahh together.

Best yet, The Common Thread works to provide customers with:

  • unusual, exciting, beautiful fabric for creating clothing and crafts
  • Earth and human-friendly sources and fibers
  • reasonable prices
  • Due to the difficulty in meeting all three characteristics, not all the selections are organic but many of them are. They had some vintage fabric that was so pretty even my hockey-playing husband remarked on it!

    If you live in the Austin area, The Common Thread is having its Grand Opening on Thursday, September 24 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. The store is located at 701-E South Lamar Boulevard, which is one block south of Barton Springs Road. Discounts, door prizes, and refreshments will be available.

    Happy sewing!

    The original version of this article was published at Greening Families. Come visit us for more earth, wallet, and family friendly tips!

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