Green Purchasing Resolution

Terry Moore, of Carbon Shrinks, plans to go along next Tuesday to speak in support of a Green Purchasing Resolution (see below)

Aiden Cohen in corporate purchasing will be part of a “presentation from the purchasing department on the Climate Protection Plan and Green/Sustainable Purchasing Policy Resolution”

Council members Martinez, Shade and Cole will be there, and if they vote in favor in this sub-committee, the resolution will go onto the agenda of a full council meeting for August 6.

See Agenda item 5a at


WHEREAS, the City of Austin’s mission is to be the most livable city in the country, and recognizing that environmental protection, sustainable practices, and human health are critical to this goal; and

WHEREAS, the City of Austin recognizes that purchasing decisions made by its employees impact the sustainability of the local community and global environment and the city’s purchasing policies and procedures should promote the long-term health and prosperity of area residents; and

WHEREAS, the City of Austin recognizes its ability to influence vendors and manufacturers through significant purchasing power of goods and services and the City continues to seek opportunities to encourage and influence markets for environmentally preferable products
through employee education and small business development; and

WHEREAS, with Resolution No. 20070215-023, known as the Austin Climate Protection Plan,
the City Council created a policy to mitigate green-house gas emissions caused by City
activities; and

WHEREAS, purchased goods and services have a significant effect on the carbon-footprint of
the City, and the City is committed to becoming a leading municipality in the nation in the effort
to reduce and reverse the negative impacts of climate change; and

WHEREAS, with Resolution No. 20071129-045, the City Council directed that all municipal buildings will meet or exceed LEED Silver Rating, and procurement of goods and services is a critical function in meeting this requirement; and

WHEREAS, with Resolution No. 20090115-050, the City Council adopted the Zero Waste Strategic Plan, and procurement choices affect the amount and type of waste produced by the City; and

WHEREAS, other City, State and Local governments throughout the U.S. have adopted, or are in the process of adopting, procurement strategies that incorporate environmental and human health factors in determining the goods and services that are purchased; and

That the City Council authorizes the City Manager to develop and implement a Green Purchasing Policy to reduce the negative impacts on human health and the environment associated with the City’s procurement, use, maintenance, and disposal of commodities, services, equipment, and technology; and The City Manager shall establish, within thirty (30) days of adoption of this Resolution, a Green Purchasing Oversight Committee to be comprised of representatives from various City
Departments; and

The City Manager shall review the Green Purchasing Policy annually and report to the City
Council the results of this Policy during the City’s annual budgeting process.

ADOPTED: ______________, 2009
ATTEST: _______________________
Shirley A. Gentry
City Clerk

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