2009 City of Austin Municipal Elections are tomorrow, 7am-7pm Saturday May 9.
Your vote matters! Austin voters will be electing 5 of 7 city council members, including its next mayor.
If everyone on this list votes we will have a major say in who is elected.

I’ve compiled some info sites and the endorsements of enviro groups that endorse, for your review, should you still be making your choice.
Travis County Election info (including voting locations)
Candidate answers to questionnaires on enviro topics:
Nexus between energy policy and politics, with an initial focus on Austin:
Below these endorsements I’ve pasted in the most recent emails I’ve received from who have won an environmental endorsement. I think most of them list their websites where you can find out how to volunteer tomorrow and where their election return watch party – celebrations will be.

Sierra Club endorsed
Mayor: Lee Leffingwell
Place 1: Chris Riley
Place 2: Mike Martinez
Place 5: Bill Spelman
Place 6: Sheryl Cole

Texas Environmental Democrats
Mayor: Lee Leffingwell
Place 1: Dual: Perla Cavazos + Chris Riley
Place 2: Mike Martinez
Place 5: Bill Spelman
Place 6: Sheryl Cole

League of Bicycling Voters
Mayor: Lee Leffingwell
Place 1: Chris Riley
Place 2: Mike Martinez
Place 5: Bill Spelman
Place 6: Sheryl Cole

Clean Water Action
endorsed Lee Leffingwell for Mayor.

Austin Elections this Saturday – See Candidate Energy Positions on PowerSma


From Mark Nathan – Leffingwell’s Campaign Manager:

As you know, Saturday is Election Day.
As one of the Lee Team’s most valued friends and supporters, I know you’ve already done a LOT to help Lee get to this point.

Lee’s run a strong, steady race, and I believe he will finish ahead of the pack on Saturday. How FAR ahead of the pack is the big question.

That’s why the next 30 hours are CRITICAL. This is when people are FINALLY paying attention, and deciding who (if anyone) they will vote for.

So, even though you’ve already given a lot, I’m asking you to please give just a little more between now and Saturday afternoon to help put Lee on the path to victory.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Please email your personal contacts with an appeal to vote for Lee. IF YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ELSE, PLEASE DO THIS. I’ve written something below that you can copy and paste into an email, or use as a basis for your own note. Please do this TODAY, TONIGHT, OR EARLY TOMORROW MORNING at the latest. If you are active in an organization, please do everything you can to contact the membership of the group – either by email or by phone – and encourage them to vote for Lee on Saturday. You might also consider forwarding a modified version of THIS email, with ALL of these asks, to your list.

2. Please consider giving us just a little volunteer time on today and / or tomorrow. At this point, our main objective is to get through about 10,000 phone calls to identified Lee supporters and undecided voters. We can do it if you will help us, and it WILL make a huge difference. You can either come by the headquarters (700 N. Lamar) any time between now and Saturday afternoon and make calls from there, or you can email JD Gins (gins.jd at and he will send you a call list and a call script so you can call from your home or from your office, at your convenience. Most folks are able to get though about 40 of these calls in an hour. You can also volunteer in any other way you want – work a poll, walk your block, help out at the office, anything. Please email or call JD at 289-7460 with any questions.

3. Please take at least one other person with you to vote on Saturday – ideally more. If for any reason you aren’t sure where you vote, go here and enter your name:

4. Come out to Lee’s Watch Party on Saturday night at Hill’s Café, 4700 South Congress Avenue, staring at around 7:00 PM. We’ll have some great live music as we watch the returns.

That’s it for now. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions. Thanks for everything you’ve already done, and for what I know you’ll do over the next 30 hours. Lee is fired up and ready to get to work as mayor; please come help him make it happen in the home stretch.

Mark Nathan.

Friends and Fellow Austinites —

Tomorrow is Election Day here in Austin. Our city is facing some serious challenges, and we need to elect leaders who have a proven track record of getting results on the issues we’re facing. That’s why I’m running for City Council, and that’s why I’m asking for your vote in Place 1.

I’ve been working hard my whole adult life to help Austin live up to our expectations. On my website, I list my record of results on city issues. I chaired the Planning Commission and served on it for six years, helping to guide our city towards greater sustainability. I co-founded Austin CarShare, a non-profit organization that provides folks of all income levels with more transportation options. I also helped start the Alliance for Public Transportation, to advocate for more public transit across our city. I served on the board of the Austin Parks Foundation for five years, and as president of the Austin History Center Association.

Over this time, I’ve developed a strong ability to address the challenges facing Austin from a city-wide perspective. Now, I’m running for City Council to take action and help our city rise to the challenges we’re facing. Throughout my campaign, I’ve been talking about three key issues: the economy and environment, transportation, and preserving Austin’s character. You can read more about all of these issues on my website, where I set out detailed position papers on each.

In this campaign, I’m honored to have received the endorsements of The Austin Chronicle, Statesman, Daily Texan, and many other local media outlets and organizations that represent diverse communities across our city. They agree that I’m the best choice for Place 1, based on my two decades of experience on city issues, and my ability to get real results on the challenges we’re facing.

The Austin Chronicle writes,

“…voters must make a choice, and our endorsement goes to Chris Riley as the more broadly experienced candidate with extensive, specific knowledge of city programs, as well as applied progressive credentials that he can bring to the council on his first day.

Riley has worked on urban planning, environmental protection, mass transit, affordable housing, and a host of other city programs, and on the stump he has articulated general or specific knowledge of virtually every city program and most city neighborhoods, through his neighborhood association and boards and commissions experience.

We believe that he’ll be a great addition to the council on a whole range of issues and that his experience at working with a wide range of city groups demonstrates he can collaborate to get things done.”

Today, I look at Austin and the serious challenges we face, and I know that we can’t wait any longer to take action. We need to create jobs and protect local business. We need a 21st century transportation system to help Austinites move around. And we need to protect what makes Austin the city we know it to be, by protecting affordable housing, ensuring public safety, supporting our arts and music scenes, and providing a strong social safety net.

I’ve already been working hard and getting results on these issues for two decades as an engaged community member. Now, I’m ready to work even harder as a member of our council, and take action for Austin. But first, I need your vote.

Experience counts, and results matter. I ask for your vote for Austin City Council.

All the best,

Candidate for Austin City Council Place 1

Chris Riley: Endorsed For Austin City Council Place 1 By

The Austin Chronicle * Austin American-Statesman * Daily Texan
Austin Progressive Coalition * Sierra Club * Central Austin Democrats
Austin Police Association * Burnt Orange Report * Stonewall Democrats
Capital Area Asian American Democrats * Capital City Young Democrats
Circle C Area Democrats * Austin/Travis Co. EMS Employee Association
League of Bicycling Voters * Small Business Group of Central Texas
Northeast Travis County Democrats * Texas Environmental Democrats
The Austin Villager * Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association
Austin Lesbian/Gay Political Caucus * North by Northwest Democrats
University Democrats * St. Edward’s Democrats * NOKOA The Observer West Austin Democrats * And Over 1000 Austin Community Leaders

Learn Why They’re Supporting Chris Riley:



Early voting has begun and there are only 11 days left until Election Day. With your continued support, we can achieve a strong victory on May 9th. I am so thankful to have been able to serve you on the City Council the last three years, and am optimistic about the strides forward we can make in my next term to make Austin even better than it is today.

As the campaign comes to a close we need your help now more than ever. The deadline for our next fundraising report is less than 36 hours away; please make an online contribution by clicking here.

Ways you can help:

1. DONATE: Make an online donation before midnight on Wednesday, or you can write a check and call my campaign manager, Laura Williamson, at 512-293-7210 to have it picked up any time before 5pm on Wednesday.
2. VOTE EARLY: Vote early between now and May 5th. Click here for early voting locations.
3. BLOCKWALK: Get out and talk to your neighbors about why you support me. Respond to this email for more information.
4. ELECTION DAY: Deliver yard signs to polling locations, or work shifts at prominent voting sites during voting hours on May 9th. Email us to let us know where in Austin you’d like to help.

Our endorsements have grown, and I’m proud and thankful to have the support of the following groups:
Austin American Statesman
Austin Board of Realtors
Austin Chronicle
Austin / Travis County EMS Employees Association
Austin Central Labor Council
Austin Firefighters Association
Austin Lesbian/Gay Political Caucus
Austin Neighborhoods Council
Austin Police Association
Austin Progressive Coalition
Austin Sierra Club
Austin Tejano Democrats
Austin Women’s Political Caucus
Better Austin Today PAC
Black Austin Democrats
Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA)
Burnt Orange Report
Capital Area Asian American Democrats
Capital Area Progressive Democrats
Capital City Young Democrats
Central Austin Democrats
Central Labor Council
Circle C Area Democrats
Clean Water Action
The Daily Texan
League of Bicycling Voters
North by Northwest Democrats
Northeast Travis County Democrats
Small Business Group of Central Texas
South Austin Democrats
Southwest Austin Democrats
Stonewall Democrats of Austin
Texas Environmental Democrats
Texas Vote Environment
University Democrats
West Austin Democrats

Also, we will be hosting our election night watch party at Hill’s café located at 4700 South Congress Avenue and would love for you to join us for the celebration. Stay tuned for more details.

While we are facing economic difficulties in Austin as everyone is around the country, I see these as times of opportunity. With creativity and innovation, Austin can emerge even stronger than we were before. Thank you so much for your continued support, and I look forward to working with all of you in the coming years.



Political advertisement paid for by Re-Elect Mike Martinez, P.O. Box 302965, Austin, TX, 78703, Janis Pinnelli, Treasurer. This campaign has not agreed to comply with the contribution and expenditure limits of the Austin Fair Campaign Ordinance; accordingly, no public funds will be utilized.

From BIll Spelman’s Campaign May 1


Please join us tomorrow morning for a community town hall meeting to discuss affordability, the social safety net and how that affects the long-term sustainability of our community.

Austin faces some tough challenges ahead, but by working together, we can leverage our city resources to get the most bang for our taxpayer buck. If you can’t make the event, then please share your ideas online.

“Affordability, Sustainability & Social Services”
Saturday, May 2
10:00 a.m. – Noon
Victory Grill
1104 East 11th Street
Austin, TX 78702
RSVP on Facebook

Thanks for your support. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning.

Best regards,

Bill Spelman


From Sheryl Cole colecampaign at

I could not have done it without your support–
Please stop by so I can thank you!


May 9, 2009
7 p.m.-10 p.m.
Parkside – 301 E. 6th Street (corner of San Jacinto and 6th)

Keep Sheryl Cole
P.O. Box 302945
Austin, Texas 78703

Dear friends,
I cannot thank you for all of your support.
Your generous advice, precious time and hard-earned contributions have
placed me on a path to help protect our quality of life, position
Austin for an economic comeback and keep Austin an affordable place to
live and do business.
Now that there are only 48 hours left in Early Voting (click here to find the location most convenient to you), I’m asking you to help shape our City by forwarding this email to spread the word about my campaign and our shared Austin values: delivering on the human side of progressive politics.
From the
beginning of this campaign, I have been talking about how we need to
address the human side of progressive politics: the need for health
care, quality schools, an affordable place to live, a job that pays
decent wages, and a City Hall that responds to diverse voices from
across our City. The human side of progressive politics is what I
have been fighting for on the local and statewide level for many years
and that’s what I’ll bring to City Hall.

By forwarding
this email to your address book, you can do what you do best: talk to
your family and friends. As many people are still considering who
they will vote for on Election Day, our friends and family are looking to us to help them make a choice about what Austin needs now and get to the polls. I
hope you will take a few seconds to forward this message: what Austin
needs now is someone who has both local and statewide experience
understanding – and fighting for – the concerns of hardworking families and our small business community.
In addition to
forwarding this email, I invite you to join Team Perla by volunteering
an hour of your time at one of our nightly phone-banks, blockwalks or
on Election Day. Email Amanda at voteperla.comto sign up to get plugged in!
Thank you again for all of your support. I look forward to working with you to shape our City.
Best regards,

Ps. In
addition to your help spreading the word and giving your time, I am
still able to accept your contributions until Election Day, Saturday
May 9th. You can contribute securely online by clicking here.

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