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Water, water everywhere… and not a drop to spare. It’s a saying for a reason, especially in Texas! That’s why we write stories about floods, droughts, water quality, and water quantity.

Hi, my name is Austin, and I have a water problem + suggestions for what to do about it

You don't have to be a water engineer, demographer or City Planner to have a strong and informed view that we need to make a major shift in our relationship with water to plan for the sustained health of our region.

As all the 12-step programs teach, creating major behavioral change in a dysfunctional area of our lives starts with accepting and admitting that we have a problem and looking to a higher power for strength and guidance. I will declare, as a statement of fact, we have a water problem and we need higher thinking to address it. Recently there was much hand-wringing by Mayor Leffingwell and others about setting a target of 140 gallons per person per day target. Why? Because it sends the message that we are a water-limited area. Uh, HELLO, people, WE LIVE IN A WATER RESTRICTED AREA and it's not getting better, it's getting worse.

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Permie Response to Speth Article – ideas for living well and transforming culture

After reading this article "Off the Pedestal: Creating a New Vision of Economic Growth" by James Gustave Speth I had the following comments:

A wonderful, well-written article – heart-felt, gut-wrenching, and aimed at the heart of the ugly beast that has us all captive. Thank you, thank you. But the thanks is for an eloquent additional rendition of the problem we've got and the pot of warm water, about to get hot and fatal, that we are all sitting in the frogs in the pot.
We know now/again that we are in a "pot of trouble", so to crudely change the metaphor:
  -how to get off of the "growth train,"

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Sustainable Seafood info, guides, & actions

Last Week's Shades of Green Energy radio show focused on sustainable fisheries, in honor of World Oceans Day which is this Wednesday, June 8th. I've re-capped the resources mentioned on the show and researched some more resources so you can shift your own purchasing as well as impact the whole fisheries system.

What can you do?

> Be an informed and questioning customer – it is the best way to redirect the behaviors of even the largest companies. In fact Costco just announced a major change in their practices regarding seafood purchases.

> "Wear blue and tell two" about sustainable fisheries this Wednesday (or any day!)

> Greenpeace has ocean actions you can take and a grocery store scorecard.

> Check out these resources to learn more about sustainable seafood:

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Call now to stop HORRIBLE Senate Bill 875


[list below – In Travis County our senator is Kirk Watson 512-463-0114]

Rep. Dennis Bonnen unexpectedly put a horrible amendment on an already bad (but previously limited) bill – SB 875 –  that now makes the bill universally bad.The bill passed in the House. Bonnen's amendment gives immunity from ALL nuisance suits!!! It strips your right to protect your property and your health from pollution from ANY SOURCE. If mercury from a coal plant contaminated your lake or pond, you couldn't do anything about it. If sulfur from that coal plant destroyed your pecan trees, your roof or even if it impaired your breathing –  you'd be out of luck. If toxic runoff from an industry or CAFO reached your land or creek, there would be nothing you could do. The immunity goes for pollution of land, water or air. It's that bad!!! The bill could come up on at any time. Please email or call RIGHT AWAY!!! Immediately!!!

Please contact your State Senator IMMEDIATELY! Urge them to vote NO on SB 875.

Failing that, at least strip the Bonnen amendment from the bill. Ask them to take at least 48 hours so they can look at the bill carefully.

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