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Water, water everywhere… and not a drop to spare. It’s a saying for a reason, especially in Texas! That’s why we write stories about floods, droughts, water quality, and water quantity.

Postponing WTP4

A growing coalition of Austin-area environmental groups believes the City should postpone construction of Water Treatment Plant #4.

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Hi, my name is Austin, and I have a water problem + suggestions for what to do about it

You don't have to be a water engineer, demographer or City Planner to have a strong and informed view that we need to make a major shift in our relationship with water to plan for the sustained health of our region.

As all the 12-step programs teach, creating major behavioral change in a dysfunctional area of our lives starts with accepting and admitting that we have a problem and looking to a higher power for strength and guidance. I will declare, as a statement of fact, we have a water problem and we need higher thinking to address it. Recently there was much hand-wringing by Mayor Leffingwell and others about setting a target of 140 gallons per person per day target. Why? Because it sends the message that we are a water-limited area. Uh, HELLO, people, WE LIVE IN A WATER RESTRICTED AREA and it's not getting better, it's getting worse.

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