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Water, water everywhere… and not a drop to spare. It’s a saying for a reason, especially in Texas! That’s why we write stories about floods, droughts, water quality, and water quantity.

Austin Water’s CEO talks to Faith community


Greg Meszaros is director of the Austin Water Utility. Catch this rare chance to hear Greg speak Tuesday, Oct. 4th.


The Interfaith Environmental Network of Austin
Invites You to Attend our Monthly Symposium

7:00 pm on Tuesday, Oct 4th, 2011
Highland Park Baptist Church
5206 Balcones Drive

"Austin's Water Future, part 2"

Join guest presenter Greg Meszaros, Director of the Austin Water Utility, 
in an open lecture and Q&A. 

This presentation is companion to our September symposium
which featured Bill Bunch and George Cofer. 

Greg Meszaros, Director of Austin Water

As leader of our community's water utility, Mr. Meszaros is perhaps 
the best qualified person to help us understand what critical strategies 
Austinites must implement today to provide ample water for Austin’s future. 

Mr. Meszaros will present the City’s water vision, policies and plans, as well as discuss Water Treatment Plant 4, the single most effective thing each Austinite should do for water stewardship, opportunities to reduce bills, and his views on the 2011 drought. 

Join us for this rare opportunity!

Interfaith Environmental Network welcomes those in faith communities in Central Texas who are interested in linking religious values and spirituality with environmental stewardship concerns. Join us in sharing resources for inspiring our faith communities to live out the common call to environmental stewardship and caring for the creation.

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