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Because… we all know that “just reading the headline” is wrong, but sometimes it can be hard to find the time and energy to do anything more. With our “1 News Item You Need To Know, Explained” series, we take the frustration out of the endless news cycle by…

We Keep It Brief

We honor your time and keep things as short as possible, while providing you with the opportunity to learn more/ dive deeper if you’re interested.

We Actually Explain The News

We use clear, simple, easy-to-understand human language.

Action Items

Because what good is knowing that the climate is changing or inequality is rising if you can’t actually do anything to stop it?

Why Community-Led Disaster Response Is So Important

Summary Angelica Erazo and a team of volunteers are building a community-based website to help Austinites looking for help during COVID-19 find the resources they need. Action Box Volunteer as a fact-checker or translator for coronavirusaustin.org. “So one thing we know for sure, is that

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Central Texas Pig Rescue
Arts & Culture
Amy Stansbury

Eco Art at the East Austin Studio Tour

If you’ve never been to the East Austin Studio Tour (EAST) before, block out your schedule because it’s back on November 16th – 17th and November 23rd – 24th. What’s EAST? It’s a free, annual, self-guided event showcasing hundreds of artists in Austin. All you have to do to participate is download the

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Planning Our Communities Event
affordable housing
Amy Stansbury

Creating An Equitable Future For Austin

“We are pro-people, not pro-development. We are anti-displacement, not anti-development.”   This is the slogan of Planning Our Communities (POC), a new organization focused on bringing more nuance into conversations around Austin’s land development code, as well as creating space for communities of color and

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MetroRapid Bus
1 News Item You Need To Know
Amy Stansbury

Here’s How To Give Input On New Bus Lines In Austin

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the future of transportation in Austin. In particular, the possibility of a 2020 election that could allow Austin voters to decide whether or not we want a high capacity transit system. But it’s not all just about the

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