Your Guide To The District 4 City Council Race

Your Guide To The District 4 City Council Race

District 4
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There are three candidates running to represent District 4 (north/east Austin) on City Council.

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Vote! Vote! Vote! And don't forget to vote in these important local races as well.

Live in north/east Austin? Interested in police reform? Our city’s response to homelessness?


There’s going to be a very important race on your ballot this fall. Three candidates are running to become the next City Council member for District 4… and to represent you at Austin City Hall. 


Don’t know much about City Council? Not even sure who’s running? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in our latest election guide. 


PS – There are only 5 Council districts up for election this November (2, 4, 6, 7, 10). Not sure which district you live in? You can find out here. 


PPS – Another great way to learn about the candidates is to visit their websites. Here are the links:


You can also read the League of Women Voters Guide or watch the candidates’ video statements on the city’s website. 

District 4 - 1
District 4 - 2
District 4 - 3
District 4 - 5
District 4 - 6
District 4 - 7
District 4 - 8
District 4 - 9
District 4 - 10
District 4 - 11

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