Big Changes Were Made To APD’s Budget… What Comes Next?

Big Changes Were Made To APD’s Budget… What Comes Next?

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A lot has been done since City Council voted to make $150 million in historic cuts & potential changes to APD over the summer. Keep reading for an update on the latest!

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Participate in our city's effort to reimagine public safety by taking a survey online.

Over the summer, Austin City Council made historic changes to our city’s police budget… But what has happened since then? How is our city actually going through the process of “reimagining public safety”? And how can you get more involved in shaping the future of our public safety system?


We’ve got the answers to all your questions and more in our latest guide. 


Want to learn even more? Check out these resources:


PS – A special thank you to City-Community Reimagining Public Safety Task Force members Kathy Mitchell (Just Liberty) & Chas Moore (Austin Justice Coalition), who we interviewed for this story. Stay tuned for a podcast featuring our entire conversation!

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