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This election season, Austinties will have the opportunity to impact the future of public transportation in Austin with Prop A.

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Vote! Vote! Vote! And don't forget to vote in these important local races as well.

Maybe you’ve read the headlines. Maybe you’ve seen the billboards & political adds… And now, maybe you’re wondering, what the heck is Prop A?!


With our latest guide, we give you all the basics – what Prop A & Project Connect actually are, arguments for and against the project, and a list of orgs supporting & opposing it.


But remember, this is a complicated issue & one of the most important things on your local ballot this year, so be sure to do your research! Here’s a few websites we recommend exploring if you’d like to learn further:

Prop A, Explained - 1
Prop A, Explained - 2
Prop A, Explained - 3
Prop A, Explained - 5
Prop A, Explained - 7
Prop A, Explained - 8
Prop A, Explained - 9

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