Get Moving and Raise Money with the Million Mile Month

Recent studies have revealed that the amount of time Americans spend sitting is taking a toll on our health. This handy infographic over on Mashable, shows many of the negative effects sitting has on our health, including the fact that sitting increases your risk of death by up to 40%. This article reviewed “television viewing habits and found that watching less than two hours a day is associated with an increase in life expectancy of 1.38 years.” 

The sitting disease doesn’t just effect the overweight and obese, it effects every single American. Because of that fact, Austin based non-profit, Cyberways and Waterways, is challenging Texans to break their sitting habits and walk, run or roll one million miles in the month of April during their Million Mile Month event. The event wasn’t created to encourage marathon running, or triathlon training (although they think that is great too!) It was created to get every single person up and active. They want co-workers, students, families and neighbors to come together and enjoy bike rides, swims, walks, and runs. A mid-morning walk around the parking lot, or a “brain energizer” break between classes, can do amazing things to break down the walls of the sitting disease.

The month long length of the event fosters positive behavioral change, leading to long-term transformation. To add to the fun, MMM will be offering on-going recognition and prizes as Texans work together to log 1,000,000 miles. As it can take as little as 18 days to change a person's behavior, MMM will create healthy habits and communities that will continue to grow and thrive past the completion of the event.

Another unique aspect of this event, is that any non-profit can use the Million Mile Month platform to fundraise for their very own cause. They have a system in place that will provide a percentage of registration fees and sales from the Million Mile Month store, back to your cause. You can email them to receive a Million Mile Month How-To Fundraising Guide.

The event has had some amazing early success, including bringing on some great partners and sponsors who are excited to be part of this great cause. Pocket Protein and Outlaw Protein and Energy Fuel, were early financial supporters of this great cause and event.  Plus endorsement from City of Austin, Austin Parks and Rec. Dept., Austin Public Libraries, Special Olympics of Texas, Girl Scouts of Texas, Former Austin Mayor Will Wynn, AMD, Intel, Samsung, Texas Association of Student Councils, and Rip Esselstyn, founder of Engine 2 Diet, this event is sure to be a raging success.

Although the event is not until April, there are many ways to get involved right now. Not only does Million Mile Month present a great challenge for Texas, but all proceeds from the event will fund programs that further educate kids on the importance of a lifestyle focused around a healthy lifestyle.

Ways to get involved:

  • Become a Sponsor – email them for sponsorship opportunities
  • Become a Founding Member by donating to MMM today. Any donation of $30 or more earns you a free registration.
  • Sign up your office, neighborhood, church, school, or non-profit to participate in Million Mile Month.
  • Pledge to Participate as an individual
  • Like MMM page on Facebook and Twitter


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