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Austin Green Business Leaders

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Welcome to the Austin Green Business Directory! Use this guide to find local businesses in your neighborhood that live up to the highest environmental standards


Businesses in this directory are all part of the City of Austin Office of Sustainability Green Business Leaders Program. In order to qualify, they all had to prove their excellence across seven different categories – communication and outreach, resource management, water, energy, a healthy work environment, transportation, and community stewardship.


We hope you’ll use this directory to find and support local businesses who are working hard to make Austin (and our planet) a better place to live.

Here’s how you search using the Austin Green Business Directory:

  • By Location – the directory automatically sorts the list by location, so you see the stores and organizations that are closest to you first (Please note – this feature only works if you’re connected to wifi. If you’re using a public wifi network, location sorting also might not work correctly).

  • By Austin Green Business Leader Rating – Green Business Leaders are given a Silver, Gold, or Platinum ranking based on the level of their environmental leadership. Platinum Business Leaders are those with the highest scores across all seven categories.

  • By Green Features – Wondering if a business has ample bike parking? Or an electric vehicle charging station? You can search for businesses that offer specific green features, like a ban on styrofoam or solar panels on their roof.

  • By Business Type – Looking for a house cleaner, but want to choose one that’s eco-friendly? On the hunt for somewhere great to eat, but want to pick a place that gives back to the local community? With this feature you can search for green hotels, architects, banks, and more.

Plus, once you click on each individual business listing, additional information will be provided about the business itself, its green features, and special perks offered to employees. (In case you’re on the hunt for a green job.)