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Plastic Reduction Project
Eliminate single-use plastics in favor of reusable options.
Three of our main initiatives are to: 1. Free consultations to local restaurants to help them profitably convert from using single-use plastics (straws, cups, plastic forks, etc.) to reusable options (glasses, silverware, etc.) 2. Crowdsourcing sustainability reviews on restaurants. Each review generates plastic offset credits, but also populates a database that can inform local public policy and drive research 3. Raise consumer awareness on the limitations and technical difficulties of plastic recycling
We are currently a volunteer-only organization.
Meeting our objectives will also help the City of Austin meet its Zero Waste goals, lower its solid waste related costs, and will help to reduce landfill volume. Also, everyone will benefit if fewer local restaurants spew plastic waste into the environment.
Our mission is to reduce plastic production, consumption, and waste as much as possible by working with local brand owners, retailers, and consumers towards better plastic-related choices.
Food, Recycling/ Zero Waste
We currently have several volunteer opportunities related to our key initiatives, all of which relate to zero waste/sustainability: 1. Crowdsourcing sustainability reviews via an app 2. Giving free consultations to restaurants to help them profitability go green 3. Encouraging supermarkets to do better in regards to plastic packaging 4. Educational presentations to high schools Please check out the details at:, then reach out to let us know what you would like to be involved with.
Plastic Reduction Project
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