Fluoride Free Austin

From Brent Brewer
Texans for Accountable Government member

For Immediate Release:
Would you like to help keep Austin among those cities respected for enjoying a high quality of life by removing a toxic chemical
called fluorosilicic acid from the tap water?

(July 2, 2009 — Austin) Fluoride Free Austin’s next meeting is Monday July 13th, from 7-9pm, in the Cielo Room of Casa de Luz (1701 Toomey Road). This gathering is open to the public and ALL are invited!

Fluorosilicic acid, scrubbed from the smokestacks of phosphate fertilizer factories, accumulates in the body over time causing an assortment of unwanted ailments. Numerous recent studies indicate that this chemical is a neurotoxin that lowers IQ, causes bone and bladder cancer, slows the metabolic ability of the thyroid, brings on bone disease, inhibits function of the pineal gland, poisons the kidneys, and actually DAMAGES teeth.

Communities across the U.S. and internationally have awakened to this public health debacle and are voting against MANDATORY water fluoridation in convincing fashion. Fluoride Free Austin was established to inform and mobilize Austinites to end fluoridation of the city water we use to drink, cook, shower, wash our clothes, and grow our “organic” food.

We are still not sure what prompted the Austin City Council to quietly vote and approve (7-0) a new fluoride chemical contract on March 26th, 2009, an entire year ahead of the regularly scheduled contract end date. However, we do know this new contract allows for significant price increases to the COA at a time when communities across the country are being forced to cut back on valuable social services. Imagine giving even more of your shrinking tax dollars to buy a company’s toxic waste in
order to poison ourselves, while shutting down or reducing beneficial community programs. Why would City Council members do that to themselves and our wonderful city?

Come Join Us to explore this question and many others while continuing to educate each other, formulate solutions and
develop action plans!

Austin’s fluoridated water is a concern to those committed to healthy, sustainable living for humanity and our planet, directing policies that WE create, as opposed to those dictated by corporate lobbyist agendas.

Even if you can’t attend our meeting, please consider:

– Joining our Google Group to hear about future action items: fluoridefreeaustin@googlegroups.com

– Attending a City of Austin open event like the bi-monthly Environmental Board meetings or the monthly
Sustainable Food Policy Board meeting.

– Visiting http://www.fluoridealert.org/ to reference numerous credible articles, based on scientific studies conducted in recent years. Also see http://www.douglassreport.com/reports/fluoride.html.

– Reviewing www.fluoridefreeaustin.com for citizen communications at City Hall.

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