EPA Ozone Comment Period Deadline March 17th

This is your chance to be heard on the urgent need for Clean Air in Texas. The deadline is March 17, 11:59 PM Eastern. Don't wait till the last second – do it now while you have a moment. Make your public comment now in your own words. How does ozone effect you – or someone you love? Why should the ozone standard be reduced to 70, 65 or 60 ppb to improve public health? This is the time for the EPA to hear from you and know that their work matters. Here's a quick link to the EPA site:  http://bit.ly/EPA_Ozone_Comment

At a Clean Air Rally in Arlington on January 29th, Dr. John Kissel of St. Louis brought his grand daughter who suffers from asthma. She needs the 60 ppb standard for a healthier life. Her shirt calls for action to improve clean air for public health.

The (GW) Bush administration last reviewed the nation's ozone standards and established a maximum limit of 75 parts per billion (ppb). Extensive medical research at that time and continuing to today shows that levels above 60 ppb correlate strongly with asthma and heart conditions, especial among children and the elderly in urban areas. Dallas and Houston are the most severely impacted, but most Texas cities are not far behind.

If you haven't seen the full account of the January 29th EPA public hearings in Arlington and the Clean Air press conference, see my February 7th blog – a few pages down on this site. http://www.austineconet.wpengine.com/blog/speak-clean-air-epa-ozone-comment-period-ends-march-17

But my message today is that the EPA public comment period ends Tuesday March 17.  Make the commitment – do it now.

Tell your story and support the EPA in making air quality standards so we can live healthier lives. Thank you.



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