Could Austin Be Getting More Bike Lanes & Sidewalks? You Decide.

Could Austin Be Getting More Bike Lanes & Sidewalks? You Decide.

Prop B
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Austin City Council recently voted to put an active transportation bond on the ballot, known as Prop B.

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Continue to educate yourself on all of the propositions that will be on the ballot in November... and don't forget to vote!

Traffic. It’s an Austinite’s favorite thing to complain about. And in November, we’ll all have the chance to make some big decisions about it. 


Earlier this month, Austin City Council voted to put two propositions on the ballot in November that deal with transportation. Prop A is all about Project Connect and a massive buildout of our public transit system. (We did a story about Prop A last week, which you can read here.) Prop B on the other hand, focuses on so-called “active transportation” projects, which include bike lanes and sidewalks. 


This week, we sat down (virtually, of course) with Ted Siff (Treasurer of Safe Mobility For All), who is advocating for Prop B, to learn more about exactly which projects will be funded if the bond passes. 

Prop B - 1
Prop B - 2
Prop B - 3
Prop B - 4
Prop B - 5
Prop B - 6
Prop B - 7
Prop B - 8
Prop B - 9

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