Austin Preach-Off on Climate Change Video: Inspirational Hour 10 Faith Leaders

Austin's 2nd Annual Preach-Off on Climate Change was an inspiration.

Ten faith leaders gathered from all over Austin at The Sanctuary, February 8th to speak clearly of their faith's perspective and response to the climate crisis. Here's a quick link:

Watch the full video below:


Here are the speakers, in order of appearance, with brief excerpts of their remarks. See the video for the whole message.

And if you are inspired, join with Interfaith Environmental Network of Austin (IEN) and carry the work to your congregation or community.

Also, if you'd like to hear more, here is a link to the 2014 Preach-Off held and Congregation Beth Israel:



Rev. Kyle Walker, Faith Presbyterian

I do want to focus us in on Jeremiah Chapter 10. I believe reminds us that there is no more fundamental violation of our relationship with God than to disregard creation and to have the audacity to repurpose creation to serve the gods of greed, power and convenience. We take fossil fuel, for example from the earth, forget justice toward creation and Creator and cash in at the bank as if we were entitled to it in the first place. How dare we usurp God’s creative justice and ignore our responsibility to care for creation.

Low cost living is clearly a high carbon footprint activity. Until that changes, we can’t have justice for everyone and for creation.

Shaykh Mufti Mohamed-Umar Esmail, Nueces Mosque

Today environmentalism is studied solely from a secular perspective, oblivious of any religious connection. It is an undeniable fact that religion plays a motivational role in the life of its adherents. The Koran mentions that the environment glorifies and hymns the praises of its creator.

The Prophet has emphasized that all of you are responsible, every one of you are responsible. So let’s fulfill our responsibilities as human beings and play our role in protecting the environment.

Natalie Briscoe, Southern Region, Unitarian Universalist Association

Her husband’s statement changed her life forever. “You know the Earth, she breathes.” He took me to my computer and pulled up NASA and showed me the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at different times of the year. During the spring and summer months, the Earth herself inhales and the leaves in the trees spread open like the alveoli in my lungs and become colorful. And then in the fall and winter the alveoli shrink and fall and release gas into the environment, just as my exhale does. And at once I knew where my place was in that ongoing part of creation with God. Because just as my children were born out of my body, I was born out of my Mother Earth’s body.