Your Guide To The City of Austin Elections

Your Guide To The City of Austin Elections

Guide to COA elections
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There are several important races on the local ballot this year, including 5 City Council seats and 2 propositions that could impact the future of transportation in Austin.

Action Items

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Vote! Vote! Vote! And don't forget to vote in these important local races as well.

You know you’re supposed to vote. You’ve seen the ads and the Instagram posts and the cute t-shirts. 


But actually casting an informed ballot can be hard. Sure, maybe you know who you’re voting for in the presidential race… but what about all those other names on the ballot?


That’s where things can get confusing. But these local races can also be the ones that have the biggest impact on your everyday life.


That’s why we’re dedicating the next few weeks of our news coverage to helping you get prepared for the local elections. We’re kicking things off with this post, which gives you a big picture view of what you can expect to see on the City of Austin portion of your ballot in November. But stayed tuned, because we’ll also be posting deeper dives into each of the 5 City Council races and 2 ballot propositions, as well as guides for county and state races. 


It’s going to be fun! #VoteLocalATX 


PS – There are only 5 Council districts up for election this November (2, 4, 6, 7, 10). Not sure which district you live in? You can find out here. 

City Elections 1
City Elections 4
City Elections 5
City Election 6
City Elections 8
City Elections 10

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