Who Represents You In The Texas Legislature?

Who Represents You In The Texas Legislature?

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There are 181 members of the Texas Legislature. With our latest guide, we run through the members who represent the Austin area.

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Stay engaged with your state representatives during this legislative session. Follow them on social media and save their phone number and email address to your contacts.

The Texas Legislature is in session from now until May 31st. 


Why does that matter? Because the Legislature will be making some big decisions this year, about the pandemic, health care, policing, public education, and political representation. 


Want to get involved? The first thing you’ve got to know is who your elected officials are… which is exactly why we’ve put together this handy little guide. Below, you’ll find info about all the state senators and House members who represent the Austin area in the Texas Legislature. 


Every Texan is represented by one state senator and one state representative. You can figure out who represents you here. 


After you do that, check out the guide below to learn more about all the representatives and discover the best ways to get in touch with them. 

Contact info for State Senators:


Contact info for Texas House members… 

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lege rep 3
lege rep 4
lege rep 5
lege rep 6
lege rep 7
lege rep 8
lege rep 9
lege rep 10
lege rep 11

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