Water Forum – Mark your Calendars – September 17

***Edit, due to amount of interest displayed in this by the environmental comunity as well as the development community, the Forum has been moved to a larger location! It will be at Palmer Event Center. Parking fee will be waived but carpool anyway or take the bus, or bike!***

Water…The elixir of life….Is there anything more important to our survival?

A high-level conversation about the future of water in Austin will be held on Thursday evening, September 17th at the Palmer Events Center, starting at 6pm.

The Mayor’s and all City Council members have RSVPed that they are attending and the community is invited.

Jim Walker will moderate the event that will be comprised of two panels of 4-5 people each representing the City and community, plus an extended "bench" of folks available to answer specific questions.

Each side will give a 15-20 minute opening presentation around 4 basic issue areas: 1) Austin’s Water Demand and Capacity; 2) Water treatment system reliability/redundancy; 3) Environmental impact; 4) Economic impact. In all sections the issue. Throughout all the issue areas the discussion of alternatives will be encouraged, such as those that foster water conservation, catchment, reuse, decentralized treatment, biological means of treatments, etc.

Then there will be a moderated discussion between the two sides based in the 4 issue areas lasting approx 1-1.5 hours.
Council members will be able to ask questions in each area at any time – making sure they have an opportunity to ask questions at the end of each issue area.
Questions from the audience may be submitted on note cards AND people can submit questions ahead of time at WTP4.townhall.questions@gmail.com

Mark your calendars and plan to be there. This is one of the most important conversations we could be having. There are undecided council members who are looking to this forum to determine whether they will vote to proceed with Water Treatment Plant #4, which will have TREMENDOUS impact on future budgets, pricing, development and more!


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