Should Travis County Build A New Women’s Jail?

Should Travis County Build A New Women’s Jail?

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On June 15th, the Travis County Commissioners Court will decide whether or not to build a new $79 million women's jail.

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On June 15th, our local leaders have a big decision to make – whether or not Travis County should move forward with building a new $79m women’s jail. The proposal has generated a lot of controversy. The Travis County jail population is 34% Black, despite the fact that only 9% of the county’s population is Black. Add on to that the fact that the jail population has been decreasing steadily, & many are left wondering why a new jail is needed in the first place.


Check out our latest guide to learn more about the proposal & what community leaders are saying about it.


PS – At the meeting on June 15th, Travis County Judge Andy Brown & Commissioner Ann Howard are expected to present a resolution to call for county staff to develop a new strategic plan on the county’s criminal justice complex, convene a working group to reduce the number of women in the jail, and give recommendations and options on how to provide better physical, mental, and behavioral health care inside and outside of the jail. 

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