Everything You Need To Know About Prop D

Everything You Need To Know About Prop D

Prop D
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On May 1st, 8 different propositions will be on the ballot, including Prop D, which has to do with the date of Austin's mayoral elections.

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Don't forget to vote! Early voting begins April 19th & lasts through April 27th. Election Day is on May 1st.

Did you know there’s an election in May? Austinites will have the chance to vote on 8 different ballot propositions.


Freaking out because this is the first you’re hearing about it? Don’t worry, we’ll be releasing election guides on each of the propositions (A – H) until early voting begins on April 19th.


Plus, in partnership with the Hispanic Austin Leadership (HAL) Program of the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, this year’s guides will be available in both English and Spanish!

PPS – Want to learn more about Prop D? Check out these links:

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