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GOOD group ATX
GOOD group ATX hopes to one day throw a 100% zero waste clothing swap where all items are lovingly re-homed or transformed by local creatives into something totally new!
1. Throwing free seasonal clothing swaps with local partners aligned in our mission. 2. Collecting data points, gathering insights and tracking trends so we can inspire others to join us and support organizations interested in responsible production and consumption. 3. Collaborating with local creatives who can empower our communities to build and sustain wardrobes that are good for the planet and its people.
We have an amazing network of volunteers to whom we promise work will always be fun. Aside from event operations, we involve volunteers in broader conversations and listen to their ideas in order to support them on their sustainability journeys.
Our sole missions is to educate and empower members of our community to live more sustainably and consciously. Every step of the way, we involve local partners aligned in our mission to accelerate our impacts.
We inspire and empower our community to reduce their consumption levels and consider more environmentally conscious alternatives to meeting their needs. Using fashion as the example, we spread messages that are universally true for all of Earth's resources.
We were previously donating all leftover swap items to well-known donation centers. After learning that only 15% of donations actually make it to the floor (the rest are burned or sent to landfills), we faced a moral dilemma and were no longer sure what to do with the items. Through research & social media, we found individuals, families, groups, and non-profits that were excited to receive the leftover items and keep them in local circulation.
Recycling/ Zero Waste
Attend a GOOD group ATX clothing swap or skills workshop: Let us know you'd like to volunteer with us: Share an idea about how we can work with you to spread GOOD: Follow us on Instagram to learn more about sustainable fashion: @goodgroup_atx
GOOD group ATX
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