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Our news philosophy is simple. With all of our coverage, we try and do the following:

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As a community-based news source, we’re here to serve you. That’s why we promise:

  • To follow journalistic principles of accuracy, fact-checking, multiple sources, and dedication to the truth

  • To immediately fix mistakes if they’re made and to be honest about how they happened

  • To approach our news coverage from a place of respect, civility, and kindness for our fellow Austinities

  • To honor the value of lived experiences (especially within marginalized communities) as well as expert testimony/ opinion 

  • To allow for open, two-way communication between our staff and readers, ensuring that our content is relevant and useful to you

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1 News Item You Should Know, Explained

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Community News + Partner Posts

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Backyard Biomimicry Lecture and Workshop

Learn about biomimicry in the context of Austin’s local ecosystem with the foremost leaders in the field and connect with others in our regional biomimicry network. In this Backyard Biomimicry Workshop offered by the Biomimicry Group, you’ll co-learn with students and professional of various disciplines about the foundations of biomimicry and equip yourself to approach our region’s most pressing design challenges by drawing inspirations from the natural world- found right in our own backyard!

Biomimicry, the discipline of applying nature’s principles to solve human problems, provides the means to achieve both environmental and economic goals.

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Birds Everywhere!

There’s a lot to be excited about at Travis Audubon!  Spring is an excellent time for birds in Central Texas.  Lots of migrating birds that normally live in other parts of the countr

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Boutique & Design Studio Grand Opening – René Geneva Design & Linda Asaf Design

This is the time of the boutique in Austin.  Seems everywhere you turn another one opens, and each one is making Austin a ‘funner’ place to shop.

Enter René Geneva, namesake of René Geneva Design, an eco-chic designer (and you guessed it – now eco-boutique) whose work has graced the runways of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the halls of the Volksgarten in Austria, and more.

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National Sierra Club promoting Austin quit coal

The Sierra Club just launched a campaign to "Phase Out" Austin’s coal plant by 2020. The Sierra’s petition:

  1. Emphasizes health & eco impacts of Austin’s coal
  2. Calls on City Council to lead the world with clean electricity
  3. Calls on Austin Energy to begin a study of coal phase-out options, immediately

    There are a lot of interesting, new people coming together around this: farmers in LaGrange, clean tech proponents in Austin, national leaders at the Sierra Club and possibly GreenPeace… Please consider clicking over to learn more: Thanks.

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Fashion – You are not my friend.

When I was in high school in Florida, the thrift store was not cool. It was not a sign of independence and social status based on your superior knowledge of how to combine the 60’s proper bomber jacket with a pair of checked, flare-legged, hip huggers – self-cropped just enough to show the to of your fab Chuck-e-T’s.

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Austin Interfaith Environmental Network — Tuesday event!

The Interfaith Environmental Network of Austin is proud to announce the kick-off of its new, monthly speaker series. 

About Presentation
This month’s presenter is Amanda Robinson (pictured), coordinator of Texas Interfaith Power & Light. Amanda’s topic, "Our Voices Matter: The Importance of Religious Voices in Environmental Justice Work."
As a state-level advocate working with Faith communities across Texas, Amanda’s presentation reveal the common connection of environmental stewardship among all religions, describe how Austin is part of a larger creation care movement, and help us understand ways to be more effective locally. 
You’re Invited!

We welcome those in faith communities in Central Texas who are interested in linking religious values and spirituality with environmental stewardship concerns to join us for this first symposium of the new year.

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