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Welcome to The Austin Common news feed. This is where you’ll find all the latest, up-to-date info about what’s happening around town. Explore by topic, type, or just scroll through it all by looking at the “latest posts” section at the bottom of the page. 

Our news philosophy is simple. With all of our coverage, we try and do the following:

  • Keep it local

  • Keep it brief

  • Actually explain the news

  • Give you clear steps for action

  • Keep it positive

  • Keep it nonpartisan

You can learn about how we actually do this by clicking on each of our story types below. 


As a community-based news source, we’re here to serve you. That’s why we promise:

  • To follow journalistic principles of accuracy, fact-checking, multiple sources, and dedication to the truth

  • To immediately fix mistakes if they’re made and to be honest about how they happened

  • To approach our news coverage from a place of respect, civility, and kindness for our fellow Austinities

  • To honor the value of lived experiences (especially within marginalized communities) as well as expert testimony/ opinion 

  • To allow for open, two-way communication between our staff and readers, ensuring that our content is relevant and useful to you

1 News Item You Should Know, Explained

1 News Item You Should Know, Explained

Finally understand that news story that's been all over your news feed!

Council Meeting, Explained

ATX City Council Meeting, Explained

Find out what's happening at the next Council meeting, without reading through a long/ boring agenda.

Community News + Partner Posts

Community News + Partner Posts

Stay up-to-date on what Austin's best local orgs/ businesses are up to... and how you can get involved.

News Archives

News Archives

Every story we've ever written, sorted by topic.

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