Make Summer Easier and Cheaper with Rechargeable Batteries

With the official start of the summer just around the corner, many are looking to simplify their lives and their spending. One easy way to do both is to buy rechargeable batteries.

Vacations and warmer weather can increase the amount of time various battery operated devices, such as video games, cameras, and electric shavers, are used. Rather than blowing through batteries, which are expensive and can leak their toxic contents including lead, cadmium, and acid if not disposed properly, check out rechargeable batteries. Since experts report that 180,000 tons – more than 15 billion batteries – are discarded in American annually, this small change can make a big difference.

You’ll also save yourself those last minute trips to the store to pick up more batteries!

Last but not least, the money you save will add up nicely. Since rechargeable batteries can be charged up to 1,000 times, the savings can be substantial. Grinning Planet ran a cost breakdown and estimated that buying a charger and eight AA batteries would lead to a cost savings of more than $600.00 during the life of the batteries. If you already have a charger tucked away into a kitchen drawer, you’ve already born the largest expense.

When possible, pick lithium-ion or NiMH or nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries over NiCd or nickel-cadmium, rechargeable batteries, as the latter contain more toxic metals.

When disposing of any battery, be sure to utilize your local Household Hazardous Waste facility. In fact, the City of Austin received a Recycling Leadership Award in 2007 from the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation. Batteries Plus at 7915 Burnet Road in Austin also accepts used batteries for recycling.

Enjoy saving money and the planet this summer with rechargeable batteries!

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