How To Curbside Compost In Austin

How To Curbside Compost In Austin

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This post is sponsored by our community partner, Austin Resource Recovery, the city department whose mission is to achieve zero waste by providing excellent customer services that promote waste reduction, increase resource recovery, and support the City of Austin’s sustainability efforts.

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Learn more about how to compost in Austin (and how you can save money by switching to a smaller trash cart) by visiting

This post is sponsored by Austin Resource Recovery. All Austin Common sponsors are screened by The Austin Common team to ensure they’re doing good for their employees, our community, and the planet.

Looking for ways to save some money and protect the planet this summer? As of this year, all Austin Resource Recovery curbside customers now have access to curbside composting services. That means that if you live in a single-family home (or in a fourplex development or smaller) composting is easier than ever before! And you can even decide to switch to a smaller trash cart (since so much of what you previously threw away can now be composted) and save some money in the process. 


You can learn all about curbside composting in Austin – who has access to it, how to compost properly, and how to prevent your compost cart from smelling – with our latest guide. 


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