Help Pass Historic Energy and Climate Legislation Today!

From: Steve Bouchard

Your Representative, out of just a handful, may decide whether historic energy and climate legislation passes today. It has come down to a handful of Members of Congress and Rep. Doggett is one of them.

Please call Rep. Doggett immediately: 877-9-REPOWER (877-9-737-6937)

We’ll connect you to your Representative after giving you talking points. Just be sure to tell them to support comprehensive clean energy legislation.

And then report your call so that we can coordinate this last minute campaign:

The schedule is fluid, but as I’m writing, the House will vote on the American Clean Energy and Security Act early this afternoon. Please call Rep. Doggett now.

Thanks for everything you do,

Steve Bouchard
Campaign Manager

P.S. See the note below just written by Al Gore this morning.


From: Al Gore
Subject: Today is an historic opportunity

Today is an historic opportunity to pass truly meaningful legislation to limit global warming pollution, vastly expand our use of renewable energy, and use energy far more efficiently. A victory today in the House of Representatives on the American Clean Energy and Security (ACES) Act would represent an essential first step towards solving the climate crisis. This bill doesn’t solve every problem, but passage today means that we build momentum for the debate coming up in the Senate and negotiations for the treaty talks in December which will put in place a global solution to the climate crisis.

There is no back-up plan. There is not a stronger bill waiting to pass the House of Representatives. It’s time to get started on a plan that will create jobs, increase our national security, and build the clean energy economy that will Repower America.


Al Gore

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