Your Guide To The Austin City Council District 8 Election

Your Guide To The Austin City Council District 8 Election

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Four candidates are running to be the next City Council member for District 8 in southwest Austin.

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Don't forget to vote! Election Day is on November 8th and early voting begins on October 24th.

It’s a big election year here in Austin, with five City Council seats and the mayor’s race on the ballot. In this guide, we’re going to cover the basics of the District 8 City Council election. District 8 is located in southwest Austin. You can figure out which Council district you live in here


Keep scrolling to learn about all the candidates running in District 8!


PS – Want to learn even more about the candidates? Keep an eye out on The Austin Common Radio Hour podcast feed, because we’ll be publishing recordings of our interviews with the candidates shortly. 

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Information and quotes for this guide come from original interviews with all the candidates (except for Richard Smith, who did not respond to our interview request), the candidates’ websites, ATXN, and the League of Women Voters guide. 

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