Your Guide To The District 4 City Council Special Election

Your Guide To The District 4 City Council Special Election

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A special election is being held on January 25th for the District 4 Austin City Council seat.

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Vote! Vote! Vote! If you live in District 4, don't forget that Election Day is on January 25th and early voting lasts from January 10th to 21st. You can find polling location info at

Guess what? There’s an election happening in Austin right now!
Is this the first time you’re hearing about it? Don’t worry, we go through it all with our latest guide.

PS – Want to learn more about the candidates? Be sure to listen to the latest episode of The Austin Common Radio Hour. We interviewed 5 of the candidates & spoke to them more in-depth about all of the big issues facing Austin.

PPS – You can also check out each of the candidate’s website here:

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District 4 Special - 3
District 4 Special - 4
District 4 Special - 5
District 4 Special - 6
District 4 Special - 7
District 4 Special - 8

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