Crafting For The Planet – June Challenge

Crafting For The Planet – June Challenge

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Partner Post – Austin Creative Reuse

Calling all you crafters out there! It’s time for another Reuse and Rethink Challenge from Austin Creative Reuse.

Throughout the month of June, Austin’s favorite zero waste craft store is challenging folks to make the most amazing creation they can out of… film reels.

Want to join in on the fun? Here’s how it works.

  • Stop by Austin Creative Reuse anytime this month to pick up all the crafting supplies you could ever need. Film reels are currently on sale at Austin Creative Reuse for 25 cents each.
  • Start creating! Take your supplies home and create whatever your heart desires. The only rule is that all the materials must be reused.
  • Once you’re done, email two photos of your creation (plus your contact info and a short description of the materials used) to
  • The deadline to submit your work is June 30th
  • The winner will be announced on social media

Who says caring for the environment can’t be fun?  🙂

PS – Need some additional inspiration? Check out Austin Creative Reuse’s Pinterest board for some fun ideas!

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