Compost Tea Time

There are some key moments during the year when it is most beneficial to apply compost extract. One of the key points in the year is just prior to the hot summer weather. (Father's day is a good reference point). The idea is to apply compost tea to the soil around the drip lines of your trees. You might also apply compost tea to any other sensitive plants in your yard, and then cover the applied areas with thick layers of mulch.

The beneficial microbes in Compost Extract do the following. They:

  • Feed the good critters in your soil
  • Reduce irrigation needs
  • Out compete pathogens and reduce disease pressure
  • Improve nutrient cycling

Be careful however not to leave the soil exposed through the summer. The UV light and heat will bake your soil as well as the microbes, diminishing your investment. Think of your soil as you would your skin. Apply SPF cream to the surface if you expect it to be exposed to the sun for more than 30 minutes. Apply the mulch up to 4" thick underneath all trees, and as far as 6-12" past the drip line of the tree (outer circumference).

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