Here’s What The City’s New Budget Could Mean For You

Here’s What The City’s New Budget Could Mean For You

2022 Budget - 1
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Austin City Manager Spencer Cronk just released a draft version of the city's $5 billion budget for next year. Council will now take public testimony & make changes before approving the final version in August.

Action Items

Action Box

Tell City Council what you think of the budget! Attend an upcoming City Council meeting or click the badge above to email your Council member.

The budget. It’s pretty much the biggest decision City Council makes all year… and there are lots of opportunities for you to make your voice heard! Keep scrolling for info about the basics of the new budget & how to get involved. 

City Council is hosting a lot of public input meetings on the city’s budget. During these meetings, you’ll have the chance to share your thoughts with our local elected officials. Here’s a list of upcoming events:

Not sure which Council district you live in? You can find that out here

Can’t make it to a meeting? You can also email your Council person directly by clicking here or email all of them here

2022 Budget - 2

You can look though the entire 1,000-page budget document here

2022 Budget - 3
2022 Budget - 4
2022 Budget - 5
2022 Budget - 6
2022 Budget - 7
2022 Budget - 8
2022 Budget - 10

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