Austin 2014 EcoNetwork Mayoral Debate Video: Martinez vs Adler

The Austin EcoNetwork Mayoral Debate was televised live from Threadgill's South on Thursday December 4th, 2014 by our sponsor channelAustin. They also made this recording available so that we could share it with you here and make it part of our community's permanent record.

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1) When the Mayoral election went to a runoff, Mike Martinez challenged Steve Adler to a series of three debates, including one on the environment. This is the environmental one.

2) Local environmental leaders have collaborated, for Austin's first 10-1 election and runoff, to ensure a high level of awareness about environmental issues among candidates and voters and engender strong environmental commitments on the new Austin City Council. To accomplish this groups have worked to:

a) Educate candidates about environmental issues via candidate briefings and a compilation of white papers and city plans.
b) Document candidates' perspectives and priorities regarding water, energy, transportation, food, trees, zero waste, climate change, and general leadership issues. Five different environmental organizations (Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, Clean Energy for Austin, Austin Environmental Democrats, and Austin EcoNetwork) issued 56 total questions to candidates and worked together to have them publicly displayed in the interactive Candidate ViewFinder tool.
c) Created a voter education website called the Election Navigator with tools & resources including Candidate ViewFinder, Race Summaries, Eco-Key infographics, YouTube channel with district playlists, Web scans, and more.

This debate is a follow-on activity to further draw out the positions and commitments of the mayoral candidates and highlight their differences. Donations to support this civic education project are needed and right now there is a mathcing grant challenge! Give here, please!


Brandi Clark Burton is Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Austin EcoNetwork which created the Election Navigator project for Austin's first 10-1 election. She has lived in Austin since the 70s and is a serial social entrepreneur, public speaker, author and civically-engaged citizen. She is a four-time winner of Best Environmentalist in Austin Chronicle Readers' Poll, as well as numerous other awards environmental and leadership awards. See more. Burton has moderated environmentally-themed candidate forums in nearly every Austin City Council election in the last decade.

Andrew Dobbs is the Central Texas Program Director for Texas Campaign for the Environment. Dobbs was an organizer of environmental candidate forums for the 2011 city council and mayoral races, and regularly advocates against pollution before the Austin City Council, the Texas Legislature, and other policymakers. He was strong proponent for the passage of Austin’s single-use bag ordinance, and has become one the main promoters of Zero Waste in Austin. In addition, he is an award-winning Lincoln-Douglas debater and has been a contestant on Jeopardy!

About Austin EcoNetwork:

For nearly 12 years Austin EcoNetwork has been connecting people with other people, information and resources to advance sustainability in Austin. Now an active online and digital community of 10,000+ subscribers and social media followers, Austin EcoNetwork is the multi-sector, multi-issue hub of the local green scene. For more information on Austin EcoNetwork, visit
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