Apply to the Austin Bicycle Advisory Council!

Bicycle Advisory Councils are common elements of most bicycle-friendly communities.  In Austin, the Bicycle Advisory Council (BAC) works hand-in-hand with Bicycle Program staff.  The BAC is vital in helping staff to stay appraised of concerns within the cycling community and to get feedback on design of projects, and implementation of programs and policies. 

This year alone the BAC has helped to:

Review the design of new projects

  • Barton Springs Multi-Use Path and cycletrack,
  • Bluebonnet cycletrack (see photo),
  • Lance Armstrong Bikeway (Downtown and Phase III), and
  • Downtown Bicycle Boulevard

Discuss programs

  • Austin Bright Cyclists,
  • Bike Month,
  • Green Lanes,
  • Viva Streets, and
  • Bicycle Ambassadors

Review Policies

  • Bicycle parking code amendments,
  • Parking Modification Guidelines, and
  • Coordination with Austin Resource Recovery for Street Sweeping and Garbage Bin Locations

The BAC is made up of nine standing members and at least 11 alternate members (more may be elected if needed).  BAC members must either live or work within the City of Austin, must be 18 years of age or older, and must demonstrate to the existing, voting members of the BAC that they would be a good addition to the Council.  The BAC meets the third Thursday of each month at City Hall from 6-8pm. Beyond that time commitment, BAC members may choose to participate in a technical sub-committee that would further delve into details of specific issues.  For example, a technical subcommittee was created to look at two-way cycletracks and to develop recommendations for the bicycle parking code amendments. Later this year, staff will look for the BAC’s recommendations on bike share kiosks locations and discuss safe routes to school developments.

If you would like to be a member of the BAC, consider attending the Thursday, September 20th meeting to introduce yourself to the BAC.  This meeting will be held in the staff bullpen of City Hall (ask the security guard for directions when entering the building) from 6-8pm. The meetings are open to the public and participation from all attendees is encouraged. 

It is important to note that the BAC is not an official City Council appointed board or commission.  It is a City staff supported activity which implements the policy and action items set forth in the City of Austin Bicycle Plan, Ordinance No. 20090611-075, specifically Action Item 4.0.3.   The action item states to “Continue to support and receive input and guidance from the Bicycle Advisory Council (BAC).  The BAC shall consist of City of Austin citizens and function like a neighborhood association in that  it shall have by-laws, elected officers, and hold regular meetings, open to its members and to the public”.

Nadia M. Barrera, PMP

Bicycle/Pedestrian Project Coordinator

Neighborhood Connectivity Division

Public Works Department

City of Austin                         



*Interested in participating in the Bicycle Advisory Council? Join the Google Group for updates and meeting information: !

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