Elections 101
Elections 101

Elections are a powerful thing. It might sound cliche, but they really are one of the best ways to make your voice be heard and create a positive impact on this world. 


But they also can be really confusing! With so many names on the ballot and the craziness that comes with a 24-hour news cycle, it can be hard to figure out what you’re even supposed to pay attention to. 


At The Austin Common, we’re dedicated to actually explaining the news and giving you the tools you need to cast an informed ballot by Election Day, with a special focus on local elections. After all, these are the races that can have the biggest impact on your everyday life… and they’re often the ones that get ignored. 

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Each week until Election Day, we'll be publishing easy-to-read guides on local & county elections, plus info on voting during a pandemic. Perfect for someone who's just starting their election research or doesn't have a lot of time!


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Our podcast, The Austin Common Radio Hour, is dedicating all of its episodes this fall to prepping you for the election, including interviews with local candidates. Hear directly from the people running to represent you!

Have you seen our murals?

HOPE x The Austin Common

The Austin Common has teamed up with the HOPE Campaign to get you excited and prepared for the 2020 election.


How? We’re using art to inspire and empower Austinites to make their voices heard this election season. Over the next few weeks, you’ll start seeing murals (created by local artists) pop up around town with the theme, “Your Vote Is Your Voice.” 


Meanwhile, each week, The Austin Common will continue to publish our easy-to-read election guides, breaking down local elections & making it easier than ever for you to cast an informed vote. 

About the HOPE Campaign

HOPE (Helping Out People Everywhere) Campaign is a 501(c3) non-profit that connects creatives with causes through projects and events. For over 14 years, HOPE’s programs, campaigns, and events have supported and empowered local artists, young and old. 


Perhaps best known for the HOPE Outdoor Gallery (originally located downtown & soon to be reopened near the airport), the HOPE Campaign also operates several mural walls around town. 

About the artists

Kourtney Elaine is the Visual Designer (aka doodler extraordinaire) for The Austin Common. She’s also a freelance photographer and writer who likes to use her skills and passion to help people and organizations tell creative and visual stories about important issues, like environmental sustainability, social justice, and more! 

Kourt Elaine

Carmen Rangel is a Austin visual artist and co-founder of The Mosaic Workshop who specializes in painted murals, mosaic and collage.  Her body of work is focused on exploring Latinx culture and amplifying underrepresented people. She is passionate about public art and it’s ability to educate, tell stories, and bring people together.

Nathan “SLOKE” Nordstrom is an Austin, Texas native who has been professionally producing graffiti art since the 1990s. 


Specializing in the use of spray paint, Sloke travels the world exhibiting and curating art shows, and producing murals for companies including: Apple, Facebook, Nike, Google, and many others. 


Sloke also gives back to the Austin community by teaching art and mentoring the youth in partnership with the City of Austin, Austin ISD, and the Mexican American Cultural Center.

Nate Sloke Nordstrom
Fabian Rey

I am a very passionate Art Director, Muralist & Photographer with experience working in advertising with digital and non – digital media, for companies such as AT&T, McDonald’s, Budweiser, PGA Tour, Merck, Doral Bank, Toyota, Coors Light, Volkswagen and The Condado Vanderbilt Hotel.


I enjoy working with talented people in a humble learning environment where we can all learn from each other and be part of something special.

I am available for freelance or project-by-project basis.

Zuzu is originally from sunny San Diego, CA but currently living and working in Austin, TX, which she now calls home. Zuzu is a self-taught contemporary visual artist and muralist committed to the exploration, experimentation and unconventionality of blurring the lines between fine and street art.


With the coalescence of unrestrained imagination, vigorous dedication, and inevitable trial and error, Zuzu has cultivated a distinct style and process. By pursuing multiple style disciplines, all of her work exemplifies dynamic movements, vibrant colors, and contemporary design, which lay the foundation for an engaged and energetic viewer. Zuzu graduated from one of the nations top rated Advertising Portfolio Programs at the University of Texas at Austin in 2010. After years of working at various creative agencies and organizations, she became full-time visual artist and muralist.