These are crazy times. Here’s how to help.

These are crazy times. Here’s how to help.

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It’s the question on so many people’s minds right now – how can I help?


The good news is, there are lots of ways you can get involved. But we understand all the options can also be pretty overwhelming. So for now, we’re sharing 3 simple ways you can have an impact and updating/ swapping out the action items below regularly so you can easily find an opportunity that feels right to you. 


1. A coalition of community leaders is putting together a 1-stop-shop resource website for COVID-19 and they need volunteers. You can sign up to contribute here.


2. The Central Texas Food Bank is expecting a dramatic increase in the need for its services in the coming months. Help make sure everyone in our community is fed by donating today.


3. A team of Austinites has just launched a new initiative called Keep Austin Giving, which aims to connect those who have lost their gig work, such as Uber drivers; those in the service industry; and small business owners, with nonprofits to help support their shovel-ready projects through data entry, administrative tasks, and other work. Click here to donate, submit your nonprofit’s project, or look for work.

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