The Latest On Austin’s Homelessness Policies

The Latest On Austin’s Homelessness Policies

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Austin's homelessness policies and programs have changed a lot over the past year. With our latest post, we provide an update on everything from Prop B enforcement to the city's new HEAL Initiative.

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The Other Ones Foundation is raising money to build 200 individual dwellings for those experiencing homelessness at Camp Esperanza. You can learn more and find out how to support their work by clicking the action badge above.

Prop B was passed back in May… Wondering what has happened with the city’s homelessness policies since?


We break it all down for you with our latest explainer post. 


PS – This post is a collaboration between The Austin Common & the Austin Monitor, an amazing nonprofit local news source. We’re (hopefully) going to continue partnering up in the future to deliver news & information to all of you in new & exciting ways! If you want to learn even more homelessness and the city’s HEAL initiative, you can read the entire article the Austin Monitor wrote about it here. 

PPS – Want to learn more about Austin’s homelessness policies? Check out these links… 

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