The Austin Reuse Directory Is Here!

The Austin Reuse Directory Is Here!

What's Inside...

It’s finally here! We’ve been working hard on an exciting new project for several months now and we’re happy to announce that the Austin Reuse Directory is now live.


So what is the Austin Reuse Directory?

The Austin Reuse Directory is a project from the Austin EcoNetwork, supported by Austin Resource Recovery, designed to make it as easy as possible for Austinites to find a second home for everyday items. Reuse saves items from the landfill and makes them available to your neighbors, who can use them again.


Reuse Directory Graphic


Austin residents are estimated to dispose of $11million in reusable items annually. A 2015 study showed that about 6.6 million pounds of textiles are going to the landfill each year from Austin Resource Recovery’s curbside customers. That’s 18,000 pounds of clothes going in the trash every day rather than being reused or recycled!


That’s why we decided to create the Austin Reuse Directory.


So how does it work?

Using the directory, you’ll be able to easily figure out where to donate or sell your used clothing, electronics, furniture, and other households items. Simply visit, type in the item you want to find a second home for, and voila! The Reuse Directory will produce a list of all the places in town that will accept your item and give it a second life.


You’ll even be able to refine your search by location and item quality, as well as by an organization’s nonprofit status and whether or not they offer home pickup services. You can even narrow your search to produce only thrift stores that will pay you for your unwanted clothing or furniture.


Austin Reuse Directory


The database is really all about making connections. Austin is home to hundreds of amazing nonprofits and fun and funky thrift stores. We want you to be able to find them all, support local businesses, and reduce the amount of waste you send to the landfill – all at the same time. Now that’s what we call a win, win, win! So what are you waiting for? Start exploring today>>


PS – Have any suggestions for how we can make the directory even better? Run a nonprofit or business that you think should be in the directory, but isn’t? Send us an email at

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