Share Your Opinions On Austin’s Transportation Future

Share Your Opinions On Austin’s Transportation Future

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The city is currently undertaking two major planning efforts to address one of our most pervasive problems – traffic.

Last week, we told you how to get involved in Project Connect, Capital Metro’s effort to bring an entire system of high-capacity public transit to Austin. This week, we’ll be talking about the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan.

Austin Strategic Mobility Plan

What is the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan?
The Austin Strategic Mobility Plan is being designed to guide our city’s future transportation investments. It’s also replacing the city’s existing transportation plan, which was adopted in 1995 and needs to be updated to reflect a rapidly growing city.

The new mobility plan is being designed to create a series of actionable “goals and objectives to guide Austin’s near- and long-term transportation investments.” The plan will also integrate and combine many of the city’s existing transportation-related plans, including the Bicycle Master Plan and the Sidewalk Master Plan.

The draft plan will likely be presented to the city’s boards and commissions for review in late 2018 before being approved by City Council in 2019.

How do you get involved?
The city is currently accepting public feedback on the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan, which means now is the time for you to get involved. An online survey has recently been released, which asks for your priorities when it comes to transportation planning. Is it sustainability? Or affordability? Or reducing vehicle delays?

The survey also asks you to rank transportation planning scenarios with different degrees of emphasis on roads, bike lanes, and public transit.

ASMP Survey

If you have an opinion about the future of Austin’s transportation systemyou can take the survey now>>

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