Recapping The Price Is Right

Recapping The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right
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On May 21st, The Austin Common cohosted a Price Is Right event about the city's budget with KUT, Austin PBS, and Good Politics.

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The city’s annual budget is $5.5 billion… but where does any of that money actually go? And how can you help decide?


In May, we teamed up with KUT, Austin PBS, and Good Politics to answer all those questions and more in a live game show event called, “The Price Is Right? How The City Of Austin Spends Your Money.” 


We played games, ate cake, and learned how to get involved in this super important issue. What more could you want from a Tuesday evening?! 

Price Is Right

We played an interactive game of a Price Is Right, with our Editor-In-Chief Amy Stansbury, as the host!

Price Is Right - 2

Attendees were called up on stage to guess how much the city spends on different departments, from the library to EMS. 

Price Is Right - 3

Attendees also had the chance to mingle over some drinks with the candidates running to be the next mayor of Austin. (Pictured here – Candidate Carmen Llanes talking to the crowd.) 

As attendees arrived, they put their names in a drawing to play a round of The Price Is Right live on stage… and win cool prizes!

Attendees were also given $100 in fake money to spend at a “Budget Store,” where they got to decide how the city should spends its money. 

And we had cake… which told you where your property taxes go! Delicious and educational! 

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