Protecting Your Water Is Protecting Your Beer

Protecting Your Water Is Protecting Your Beer

Texas Brewshed

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Let’s be honest. Sometimes, it can be pretty hard to get people to pay attention to environmental issues.


Enter the Texas Brewshed Alliance. This new initiative from the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association is on a mission to raise awareness of the importance of land and water conservation in Texas… with a little help from beer.

“Protecting your water is protecting your beer,”says Thomas Waymouth, program director for the Texas Brewshed Alliance.


On its website, the Texas Brewshed Alliance elaborates on this point – “The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association designed the Texas Brewshed Alliance Initiative to illuminate the overlapping interests between the conservation and beer communities. Protecting Texas lands and waters preserves the unique beauty of Texas for generations to come and also protects our top-notch downstream craft beer.”

Texas Brewshed Alliance

So what do they do?


The Texas Brewshed Alliance is a coalition of breweries, environmental nonprofits, and individuals, all working together to host fun and educational events that raise awareness and funds around land and water conservation issues.

The idea is that by pairing up brewers and environmental nonprofits, entirely new groups of people can be connected to opportunities to help protect and improve the world around them.


Want to get involved?


The official launch party for the Texas Brewshed Alliance will be held at Destination Brew Fest on Saturday, June 8th from 1pm to 6pm at Vista Brewing in Driftwood. The event will feature beer tastings, live music, and additional information about ways to get involved with the Texas Brewshed Alliance.


Discounted early bird tickets are available through May 15th. You can get yours here>>

Destination Brew Fest

Can’t wait until then? If you’re a brewery, nonprofit organization, or individual who is interested in joining the Texas Brewshed Alliance, you can send an email to

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