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On Election Day, voters overwhelmingly approved Prop A & rejected Prop B, expressing support for stronger civilian oversight of our city's police department.

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Keep an eye on our Instagram page for updates on how the new police contract negotiations are progressing.

Election Day is over and Prop A passed, but that doesn’t mean that change will necessarily happen overnight. Check out our latest guide for everything you need to know about what happens next. 

Prop A Passed - 2
Prop A Passed - 3
Prop A Passed - 4
Prop A Passed - 5
Prop A Passed - 6
Prop A Passed - 7
Prop A Passed - 8

We recorded a podcast episode about police contracts in the middle of these negotiations earlier this year. You can listen to it here

Prop A Passed - 9
Prop A Passed - 10

Update – Since this post was originally published, a re-vote in the House committee did occur and SB 2209 was approved 6-3. This still does not mean the bill has passed (or will pass), but it has moved along in the process. You can track the bill online here

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