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Traffic. It’s an Austinite’s favorite thing to complain about. That’s why we write transportation stories exploring the many solutions to Austin’s transportation woes – from bikes to buses.


$40,000 in Carbon Offset Challenge Grants now available


February 15, 2011

The City of Austin’s new Carbon Offset Challenge Grants are designed to highlight local projects doing their part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. $40,000 will be divided among up to 16 projects, and up to $10,000 can be awarded to one project. Solicitation information is posted on the City of Austin Purchasing website.

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Valentine’s Day the Eco Way!

We all know that we should be showing our love to the special people in our lives on a regular, ongoing basis. It can also be fun to have an excuse to do something extra special.

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Austin’s Green Winners of 2010

The winners of various awards programs and contests can teach us all something about leading hte way to a greener future. Check out what we’ve compiled so far and add other we missed.

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The end of the road for Austin CarShare = Success!?!

I just opened the email with my monthly Austin CarShare invoice and learned that the organization ceased operations as of Thursday, July 22. As a founding board member and long-time chair/spokesperson for the nonprofit I initially had had a range of feelings about reading this news.

Does the end of the organization mean that it was a failure? What is success? Defining success is subjective and up to each of us. In the nonprofit world, the ultimate success CAN mean putting yourself out of business. Isn’t the mission of every homeless program to eliminate the sources of homelessness and need for their services?

In that vein, I declare that Austin CarShare was a success. In just 44 months it admirably accomplished several things that made a difference in the transportation landscape of Austin (and beyond), laid the groundwork for a for-profit program to launch rather easily, and had numerous positive environmental impacts.

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Award Winning Displays at 2010 Austin Green Living Expo

Announcing Award Winning Displays from the 2010 Austin Green Living Expo

Kudos to all the wonderful exhibits we had at last month’s Austin Green Living Expo. The event was so comprehensive and we were very pleased with all that the show had to offer.  The event was educational, enlightening as well as fun!  AND TASTY!!  So much good food!  Again thanks to all the vendors that came together to create such a wonderful event.  We look forward to the 2011 event which will continue to grow and expand.  (More on that in a minute)

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