Meet Larry Franklin & Black Lives Veggies

Meet Larry Franklin & Black Lives Veggies

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Black Lives Veggies is a local organization that addresses food insecurity by providing disenfranchised communities with gardening education & resources.

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Often times, when we talk about issues like food justice, the conversation centers around government officials and policy-makers. Here in Austin, Larry Franklin is fighting to change that, by centering the actual people who are most impacted by a lack of healthy food access. With Black Lives Veggies, Larry is working with local communities to end food insecurity in Austin. 


Keep reading to learn more about Larry Franklin and his work with Black Lives Veggies. 

PS – This piece was written in collaboration with Larry Franklin (who is currently serving as The Austin Common’s Food Justice Fellow). All quotes used in this story are from Larry Franklin. 

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Send an email to to volunteer with Black Lives Veggies. 

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