Love Parks? Here’s How You Can Make Them Even Better.

Love Parks? Here’s How You Can Make Them Even Better.

It's My Park Day Project Leader

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Stressing because all of the world’s problems seem so big? Feel like there’s nothing you can do to make a positive impact?


Here’s one simple way you can make a difference… right in your own neighborhood. Sign up to become an It’s My Park Day Project Leader with the Austin Parks Foundation.


Scheduled for November 2nd, It’s My Park Day is the Austin Parks Foundation’s biggest city-wide volunteer event, inspiring thousands of Austinites to work to improve parks and greenbelts throughout the city.


If you’d like to be a force for good in your neighborhood, you can register to become a project leader and submit a proposal for an improvement project at your local park.


The most popular types of park projects include:


  • Tree mulching and root collar clearing
  • Habitat restoration
  • Trail maintenance
  • Park or creek cleanups


Projects that are selected for It’s My Park Day will be connected with community volunteers to help get the job done (although you’ll have to recruit some volunteers as well). Small grants are also available for the purchase of native seeds, plants, paint, and other special tools you might need.


You can sign up to become a project leader here>>

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